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KC Horse Transport  were your Horse's needs come 1st! Dedicated to meeting the transportation demands of our clients and their horses.  With locations in California, and NOW IN KENTUCKY we offer daily local moves as well as nationwide weekly service.  

Our Equipment:

  • 45, 48 and 53 foot 15-horse vans

  • 4-horse vans available in CA & KY

  • Modern conventional Kenworth tractors

  • All equipment air-ride equipped

  • Maintained by professional mechanics

Our services include:

  • Race and Return

  • Airport Transfers

  • Barn Moves

  • Horse Shows

  • Breeding Runs

  • Transport To And From Quarantine

  • Horse Sales

Pictured are the "stall and a half" and the "box stall" shipping options for your horse.  We also offer single stalls for those prefer that choice.

Above is an example of a barn move occuring at 1:30am.  Our drivers and reps are working with the barn crew ensuring the move is safe for the horses and timely for the client. 

Our drivers must meet airport requirements as well as keep on schedule so that our "passengers" can reach their destination on time and as planned.


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